Baby Yoda - Party In a Box for Two

Baby Yoda - Party In a Box for Two

THIS IS THE WAY.... to party at home in 2021!


As we wait a bit longer for the world to return, party with your favorite co-pilot from the safety and comfort of your cockpit/living room/zoom chat. Each Baby Yoda Party in a Box contains all two people need to party Baby+Mando style. (Minus the liquor - that's on you, adult citizen of the Galaxy!)


Each box is lovingly handcrafted by two Los Angeles party planning professionals, and has the bespoke feeling of a charming Pin-worthy party. Either keep your shindig just between you, or bring in all of your far, far, away friends by making it a virtual party, where each guest pair gets their own box and you celebrate together on Zoom!


Included in box:


Banner: “This Is The Way”


Wearable craft materials:

Baby Yoda Ears: black headband, 2 green felt ear cut outs, 2 white foam inserts, 2 pink velvet sticker cut outs, glue dots

Mando Face Shield: face shield glasses, clear face shield, silver Mando helmet inspired cut out, dark vinyl liner cut out, glue dots

... and all the instructions to put them all together easily! 


Themed Cups:

Green “But first, we sippy sip” wheat straw cup, Tan “Wherever he goes I go” wheat straw cup, 2 clear boba straws


Drink Recipe: Baby Yoda Boba

Food Recipe: Nevarrian Chicky Nuggie Wraps (Ingredients not included in box)



2 packets of “frog egg” boba pearls, 2 butterfly pea flower tea bags 

2 Electricdust lollipops (To charge your tastebuds!)

1 teal macaron-shaped box, gummy frog



1 Razorcrest knob stress reliever ball

Baby Yoda and Dadalorian Adventure Story word game


This box is Unofficial and not a product of Walt Disney, Lucasfilm or any related company.


Boxes ship starting March 15, 2021.


  • Box Size

    Each Baby Yoda Party in a Box is tailored for Two People. For a household with one person, you may opt for a One Person box for a $5 discount!

  • Larger Party?

    If you are ordering multiple boxes for your party guests:

    - You're awesome. 

    - You may want to have them all delivered to your address so you can hand deliver to your guests. You can even add your beverage ingredients or other treats to your box for hand delivery!

    - If you would like us to send boxes to multiple delivery locations, we are happy to do so! Either Option A: complete separate orders for each address, or Option B: Please let us know in the "Ordering Multiple..." box to the right or in "Notes" at checkout, and we will reach out to you for shipping addresses and details.  

  • Party of 8 or More?

    Having a big party? Use code "Partyof8" if you are buying 8 or more boxes, and one of your boxes will be free!

  • Prep & Ship Time

    Boxes start shipping early 2021. After that, expect to ship within a few days of placing your order.