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Our Story

While working art department on various TV shows on the same studio lot, Ellie and Haley would meet up for lunch and dream up elaborate theme parties - very much a shared passion. The duo would commiserate about the lack of resources out there for grown ups who love to throw dinosaur and Lisa Frank soirees - for themselves. Obviously, this needed to be fixed. Ellie proposed they write a book full of party planning secrets, but because it was 2016 and not 1996, they decided to attempt a blog, highlighting the creation of pop cultured themed events for adults.

A year later, they had discovered something important about themselves: regular blogging was not their strong suit, but they did create some kick ass parties. Enter Christina: a fellow nerd friend who had a vision to take DGS to the next level - new clients and partnerships, greater reach in the “nerd community” and of course bigger, shinier events. 

The time since has been spent creating Damn Good Shindigs, and we’ve realized that making these immersive events celebrating our clients’ passions mean more to them than we could ever have dreamed.


The DGS Code

Here’s what we think it takes to pull off a successful theme party!


Embrace your theme completely! Create an atmosphere by curating the setting, major decor pieces, music, lighting and ambiance. Your guests should be transported the moment they arrive through the moment they leave.


A physical hard copy invitation

immediately elevates your party to a must-attend event. Think of an in-world appropriate style, create by hand or digitally, and then mail it or even hand-deliver!

Dress The Part

A great way for guests to immerse in your theme is to actually dress the part. Encouraging guests to wear certain styles of clothing will only add to your event.

Themed Refreshments

Every good host should provide some refreshments for their guests, and clever hosts will make those refreshments unique by providing in-world treats and beverages.


Everybody loves a good photo opportunity, make sure you provide your guests with the perfect backdrop (and lighting!) to capture their memories in - it will be the major way your party will live on after the guests have gone home!


Here at DGS, we LOVE the details. Small Easter eggs in decor may go unnoticed by some, but for those who see them, it’s usually a highlight. We like to remind everyone to not forget the bathroom while decorating ;)

The Experience

A big component to having an immersive party is a unique experience for your guests. Come up with an original game or activity in the world of your theme that will get everyone participating and enjoying themselves. This could be a scavenger hunt, a murder mystery game, crafts, etc. 

Meet Team DGS



Co-Owner & Lead Fabricator



Co-Owner & Lead Designer

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