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  • Do you design parties for kids?
    Our shindigs are built with adults in mind, but are appropriate for ages 12 and up. For a more kid-friendly version of our parties, contact us to discuss!
  • I don’t have a backyard, where can I host my party?"
    If you don’t have the room in your house for a party, consider other venues in your neighborhood. Many local parks, beaches and community centers allow rentals of their facilities - just contact your local parks and rec department for more info and the proper permits. Peer Space is another good resource for local venues, if you’re looking for free venues, perhaps you can co-opt a friend's backyard for a special occasion.
  • Do you provide food and drink?
    We do not provide food or drink, but we can provide suggestions on how to theme out your menu. If creating a whole menu stresses you out, you can always make your event a potluck.
  • Can we rent table set ups for more than 18 people?
    Our curated set ups are designed on the micro level, for intimate parties, so unfortunately we can’t accommodate more than 18 guests for each theme. For anything above 18 people we offer custom services such as unique centerpieces, specialty table set ups and insta worthy photo ops, reach out for more info!
  • I don’t consider myself an artistic person, how easy is it to set up your tables?"
    Table set up is as easy as 1.2.3. Each box will include instructions and links to helpful video tutorials. Check out our youtube for more info.
  • What comes with our table set up rental?
    Everything you see on the table product photos comes with. This includes specific themed: Table cloths Overlays/ runners Chargers/dinner plates for # of guests Glassware for # of guests Flatware for # of guests Napkins / napkin rings* for # of guests Centerpieces - varies with theme Additional table top decor - varies with theme Over the Table Arch Over the table decor - varies with theme We provide either real or fake candles with your order Not included: We provide folding tables for an additional $10 each, but not automatically Chairs are not provided Food & Drink are not provided Real Florals are not provided - our floral arrangements are all faux, can provide vases for some themes for additional cost *not all themes have corresponding napkin rings
  • Is set up included?
    Set up is not included, but you can hire us to set up for an additional fee.
  • Is delivery included?
    Delivery is included within a 20 mile radius of Burbank, CA - for anything outside this zone, there is a $1/mile round trip fee that will be billed separately.
  • Do you have additional decor pieces outside of the table set ups?
    Yes we do! We’ve split them up into a few different tier packages, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Additional decor varies with theme, and some themes will not have all tiers available.
  • How can I change my party date?
    If you need to change your party date, you can do so upon availability. You have 6 months to reschedule your date. Contact us directly to make arrangements at
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    When you first book your party you have 48 hours to cancel unless your party date is within 72 hours. There is no cancellation outside of these parameters, if you need to change your party date you can do so depending on availability up to 6 months.
  • Do you provide florals?
    We do not provide real florals with our rentals, however a few of our themes have options for vases we can provide that are in theme.
  • Do you provide coordination services?
    We’re definitely more right brain humans here, so we do not provide coordination services.
  • Can I get a custom party?
    As a small business we do not have the man power to deliver a full custom shindig. We do offer an array of custom services that can add a special level of nerd, elevated to any bigger event.
  • Do you have _____ theme?
    Our themes are constantly expanding, if you don’t see a theme you’re looking for drop us a line. We love suggestions, and curating themes our customers will love.
  • Do you travel outside LA Area?
    We have the ability to serve Southern CA. Our complimentary delivery is for a 20 mile radius of Burbank, CA - anything outside of that is subject to a travel fee of $1/mile round trip.
  • Do you ship?
    We are not set up for shipping at this time.


More Questions?

We've got the answers. Send us an email, and let's talk about making your dream shindig a reality. 

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