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Thank you so much for choosing to party with DGS. 

Within 10 minutes, you will receive a confirmation email containing your order details. Please note, the 2nd half of your rental is due 3 days before your event. We look forward to bringing magic to your table.

What's Next

1. Mark your calendar! - Your rental will be delivered to your door the day before your event and picked up the day after, unless otherwise scheduled.

2. Send out those invites! - Your invitations should be as special as your party. Find a unique way to let your guests know you want them there!


3. Plan your menu! - Food and drink selection is essential for the success of your shindig. Have fun creating a special menu that celebrates your chosen theme. Need suggestions? We can help with that. 

4. Style your look! - Themed attire enhances your in world experience, and plus, it makes your photos (fire emoji)


5. Set the mood! - Curate a playlist, dim the lights - your tables will do the rest.


Now you’re ready to have a Damn Good Shindig.

P.S. If you're looking for resources, check out our FAQ page to help answer any further questions here. Sometimes we write about shit - read it here

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