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Let’s talk about Invites baby!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

How special do you feel when you get a beautiful invitation in the mail requesting your presence at a friend’s soirée? Pretty damn special, right? Besides doing the job of communicating that you want your guests there, physical invitations can be works of art, and the first step in creating your immersive party.

Think of an in-world appropriate style for your invitations and go to town. Party at Hogwarts? Let your muggle friends experience the magic of getting a letter from the institution itself. Buffy party? Style your invite like a flyer for the Bronze. The possibilities are endless. We’re big invitation suite nerds here at DGS and love creating nerd elevated styles for any occasion. You can check out our Etsy store for digital collections available for purchase.

A word on the all too common facebook invitation. Facebook events are instant, easy, great for sending updates and location information… and impersonal, at best. We’re not fans of using facebook events as the ONLY way for inviting folks to a party, but we do think they are useful for supplemental support. Once you mail or hand deliver your amazing physical invites, follow up with a facebook event. Now you have a centralized place for guests to get any additional info needed, or reach out with questions about your event.

For our first Damn Good Shindig, a Game of Thrones dinner party, we hand delivered wax sealed parchment scroll invites (with small ravens included) to all guests. We immediately followed up with a Facebook event, where guests were asked to declare their House and state of attendance. As the party drew closer, we posted daily updates with costume and food ideas.

Make your guest feel wanted with going above and beyond with the initial invite. Invitations set the tone and aesthetic for your event, so make sure they are up to par.

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