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Experience The Experience

A big component to having an immersive party is a unique experience for your guests. Come up with an original game or activity in the world of your theme that will get everyone participating and enjoying themselves. This could be a scavenger hunt, a murder mystery game, crafts, etc.

Something that has been lost with adult parties is the sheer fun of the party game. Games and activities have so many perks: it’s another way of immersing your guests into the theme, they act as an icebreaker for shyer guests, and they can give your evening a structure.

Themed trivia is a great go-to, especially if your party guests are big-time fans of the theme. Many friendly competitions can get really intense, especially if there is a prize. We’re adults so we don’t NEED prizes, but do we want them still? Fuck yeah!

Having silly trinkets or coveted items as prizes will definitely encourage participation.

On-theme experiential moments

Crafts never go out of fashion. Providing all the materials to create something special and on-theme will give your guests something to take home. Flower crown weaving, wandmaking, or even ornament making are all great crafty options.

Activities like archery, pin-the-fang-on-the-vampire, or a lightsaber tournament will provide competition and laughs.

Oh, you’re throwing an elegant regency ball? Make sure your guests have dance cards to get filled out. Have someone demonstrate the way to do a proper quadrille and get everyone on their feet to participate in the dance. Maybe even consider hiring a character actor to portray royalty presiding over the event.

Come up with and cast some spells if you’re inviting your coven over for some witches’ tea. Provide a cauldron, dry ice, and potion ingredients to bring your spell to fruition.

The possibilities are endless, and having a unique experience or opportunity for your guests to do something they don’t normally encounter in everyday life will elevate their experience and make your party’s memory last forever.

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