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Party Decor: It’s All in the Details

Here at DGS, we LOVE the details. No detail is too small to make an impact, in fact these hidden gems can often be a highlight for those who notice them. When designing your party, ask yourself what’s the overall feel you’re going for? Do you want your guests to feel like they are in an enchanted forest? Pinpointing the big picture will help you narrow down color palette, big decor pieces and lighting. Then you can add a second layer full of details.

Get specific about your forest. Is this part of the enchanted forest where Hansel and Gretel got lost? Or where the snow white and the seven dwarves live? Perhaps it's where Totoro lives, or the Lost Woods from Zelda. You have so many options when it comes to enchanted forests, so really go to town.

We once threw a Magician’s Cottage party decked out with magical artifacts and a bar Elliot would be proud of. Our party space had a hallway that led to the bathroom - a place every guest would need to visit at some point. We covered the entrance to said hallway with a facade of an old grandfather clock. As one entered the hallway through this clock - they were immediately surrounded by an enchanted forest in Fillory. We had decked out the hallway in vines and florals and made the forest come alive. We didn’t mention it until the first party guest explored and experienced this magical transition for themselves. Those shouts of delight were well worth the wait.

Think about what areas of your venue will be occupied, make sure to layer in details there where they can get noticed. If you are hosting a dinner party, table set ups are great places to add in details. Perhaps you have nods to your favorite Disney princess as part of the centerpiece or you have house emblems amongst your study books in the great hall. Or perhaps a direwolf’s shadow is stalking the hall. Details also make for yet another way to fully immerse your guests in this world you’re creating, because of course your wine is from the wineries inside the castle at Highgarden, and not Ralph’s. We often like to remind everyone to not forget the bathroom while decorating. It's an unexpected place to put details, and if it's in theme the immersive atmosphere will last the whole evening.

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