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Make your Snapshots pop at your next party

Everybody loves a good photo opportunity, and your next shindig is no exception. Make sure you provide your guests with the perfect backdrop (and lighting!) to capture their memories in.

Your party could have a designated photo booth set up in an accessible area, or multiple photo opportunities throughout the venue or even both. Creating these insta worthy vignettes will be the major way your party will live on after the guests have gone home

Photo backdrop stands, or “Pipe and Base” can easily be rented from local event companies or even purchased online for relatively cheap. These will help provide a structure to attach your backdrop to if you either need to create a wall, or need to avoid potentially damaging a real wall. From here you can get creative with what your actual backdrop will be. Drapes and seamless paper backdrops can provide great bases that you can then add different elements to to compliment your theme. Consider some popular balloon artistry to add a fun frame to this backdrop. Or perhaps create / rent some in-theme seating arrangements - like a velvet chaise or peacock chair - so your guests have levels to pose on. Fun accessories and props are appreciated by all for epic photos.

By no means do you need to have a professional photographer there with studio lighting - unless your friend-with-a-camera volunteers. Many great photos can be had by friends and fellow party goers snapping pics for you, as long as the photo op is properly lit. A simple ring light or two can do the trick. Plus, they’re relatively cheap if you don’t already have one (thanks quarantine).

Putting extra thought into creating beautifully lit photo moments at your party will not only add to the overall atmosphere, but also to your guests' experience as well. Go on now, show ‘em what you got.

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