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Level up your party refreshment game

Every good host should provide some refreshments for their guests, and clever hosts of themed parties will make those refreshments unique by providing in-world treats and beverages. Sure, you can drink a gin and tonic and enjoy your evening, but if that said gin and tonic was glowing with the atomic breath of godzilla himself - we’d say that might be a bit more exciting as you mingle inside hollow earth.

It’s a scientific fact that humans love cleverly named themed food and drink options. It just adds that irresistible bump, and can take your guests closer to feeling fully immersed in the world you created. Disney parks excel at this, you think they’re going to let you visit Batuu and order a hot dog? NO. You’re in fucking space; you’re going to eat a ronto wrap and be like damn, space food is great.

Thanks to the internet, we have thousands of recipes at our fingertips for just about everything, so there is really no excuse. One of our weaknesses are themed food and cocktail recipe books, we have an ever growing collection at DGS headquarters. We’re happy to help create themed menus for your next dinner party setup rental - make sure to add it on to your next order.

As a party host, it’s important to consider dietary restrictions and preferences your friends may have. Having fun themed options to accommodate friends who don’t drink alcohol, or gluten free or vegan alternatives of your festive treats will make every guest feel appreciated. Make sure you have clever signage to indicate these options as well.

For the sake of all parties everywhere, say no to chips and dip, and level up your refreshment game!

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