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Dressing the part for your theme party (and encouraging your friends to too)

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Raise your hands if you love to dress up. Now keep 'em raised if you have a costume closet / trunk / entire room of your house (who needs a bedroom anyway?) Oh hai kindred souls, we see you.

Dressing up and to-theme for a party is essential to an overall immersive experience. Encouraging guests to wear certain styles of clothing will only add to your event. For one thing, your guests become living decorations, adding even more flavor to the party atmosphere, but more importantly, your guests have arrived already committed to your theme

Now, not everyone jumps at the chance to dress up, some may even drag their feet *gasps*. This is where having a platform to easily communicate with your guests comes in handy (like a group chat, Facebook event, wedding website, etc.). As host, take on the responsibility to provide themed attire examples.

Something very helpful is providing examples of simple things you could pull from a standard closet and accessorize with. Easy hair and makeup tutorials. Pinterest and Youtube are your friends here. This will all help those who feel way out of their depth, or panic at the word “costume” and make it feel achievable and even… fun!?

A favorite example is our friends, The Stratton’s elegant Viking themed wedding. A page on their wedding website was dedicated to attire, where they listed the earth tone color palette, gave examples of simple silhouettes and pieces guests could look for in their closet / the mall, and gave examples of accessories that would add that extra special Viking touch. They even listed a few things they did NOT want their guest to wear - like historically inaccurate viking horned helmets and too-costumey pieces. The suggestions were specific enough to inspire ideas, but simple enough not to panic guests who were not typical costume wearers. The end result was a mead hall full of elegantly dressed Viking friends and family. Huzzah!

Encourage your guests to dress the part, it will be worth it!

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